Whittier Narrows


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  • The Nature Center

    Please Enjoy Your Visit to the Museum!

    The Center is open from Tuesday through Sunday, during which time a staff member is present to assist you.  Feel free to come inside and look around.  You will find information about hiking trails, animals, plants, geology, history of the canyon, ecology, and docent-guided tours.

    Museum Open Tuesday to Sunday

    9:00 am to 5:00 am

    Live Animal Displays

    At our nature center we are lucky to care for a few live animals. These animals are here because they’re either in need of care or like our buddy Rosy who was gifted to the center by a friend.


    Gift Shop & Info

    Open Saturday & Sunday 10am-3pm



    This is the place to go for souvenirs and information. There are free pamphlets and maps of the area, including hiking trails.

    You can purchase shirts, hats, pencils, postcards, rock samples, buttons, nature books, magnifying glasses, bookmarks, hand and finger puppets, hummingbird feeders, and much, much more.